FISSURE - RePET Full length tapered pants

DYCTEAM SS24 Fissure 生命之縫
"Fissure" 裂縫概念 融合藍、白、棕、黑色調,探索裂縫中的生命與創新。藍白象徵清新與希望,棕色呼應大地與穩固,黑色則象徵堅韌與深邃。透過色彩與剪裁設計,如同自然裂縫中水流與風的流動,展現生命的茁壯與逆境中的成長。「生命之縫」不僅反映了對自然的敬畏,也象徵人類面對生活挑戰的創新與適應。提醒我們即使在分裂與不確定中,也能找到成長與創新的可能,呼籲你我一同欣賞生活裂縫中的美與機會,展現對春夏之美的致敬與對生命不屈不撓的讚頌。
Based on a concept of fissures, DYCTEAM blending shades of blue, white, brown, and black to explore life and innovation within the cracks. Blue and white symbolize freshness and hope, brown echoes the earth and stability, while black represents resilience and depth. Through color and draping design, akin to the flow of water and wind in natural crevices, it showcases the vigor of life and growth amidst adversity.

" DYCTEAM SS24 - Fissure " not only reflects reverence for nature but also symbolizes human innovation and adaptation in the face of life's challenges. It reminds us that even amidst division and uncertainty, growth and innovation can be found, urging us to appreciate the beauty and opportunities within the cracks of life, paying tribute to the beauty of spring and summer and praising the indomitable spirit of life.
PERMADRY® 系列 I 係採用特殊斷面合成纖維或超細纖維,經高層次加工技術製成。此系列產品可迅速吸收水份、快速乾燥,並兼具高透氣性及耐洗滌特性,是為絕佳之耐久性吸溼快乾素材。在休閒運動時,能將汗水經由蕊吸、擴散作用,迅速的從皮膚表面傳遞至織物外,提供消費者最佳的乾爽、舒適、吸溼排汗功能。PERMADRY® the special cross-section syntciber or the finesse fiber and manufacture with high levels of process techniques to make an outstanding wicking and quick try materials.


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- 寬鬆全長蠶型褲。
- 腰部鬆緊調節,伸縮自由度大。
- 限量發售,每件均有限量編號織標。
- 100% Made in TAIWAN

material quality | 福懋 PERMADRY® 100% RECYCLED
size | S / M / L / XL


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